CROWN CM12 Concrete Mixer

CROWN CM12 Concrete Mixer       

Road Towable Heavy Duty Side Dump Concrete Mixers for contractors or extensive, dependable hire use - from CROWN Construction Equipment, USA and Canada


A generous 340 litres (12 cu. ft.) output capacity for large batches.

One piece cast iron ring gear on drum.

Drive – Chain to cast iron gear.

YANMAR Diesel Engine - 9 HP, Electric Start

PRICE: €4870 excl. VAT                                                              PRICE:  €5990 incl VAT @23%

For information or to order - call 051 427482


CROWN CM12 Road Towable Concrete Mixer

Largest Heavy Duty Side Dump

For those jobs that require maximum mixing capacity and high performance. Built to handle heavy loads with an exceptional almost ½ yard capacity. Complete with 13 x 6.5 high speed tyres, , 54" wide, axle leaf springs for less bounce while towing. Heavy duty retractable towbar with ball hitch and safety chain, 24" dia. Discharge handwheel, oversized paddles, chain drive and dump lock, spacious cowl for maximum ventilation.

 1/8" thick steel drum manufactured from high abrasion steel with heavy duty lip  

The largest………Output 340 litres (12 cubic ft.)   9HP YANMAR Diesel  

PRICE: €4870 excl. VAT                                                             PRICE: €5990 incl VAT @23%

For information or to order - call 051 427482