Yanmar L100V Diesel Engine (Stage V Certified)

Diesel 1'' (25.4mm) Keyway Shaft Engine. Equipped with key operated electric start.
Designed with Yanmar's proprietary direct injection technology, maximum combustion efficiency is realized through the ideal match between the combustion chamber and injection system. This means a powerful, but environmentally friendly engine.
Keeping with the tradition of compact design, the new L-V series are simple to install. It fits in cramped spaces without sacrificing power and performance. Yanmar's proprietary direct injection technology allows the engine to sip rather than gorge on fuel. This means lower running cost in the world of rising fuel prices.
Superior vibration and noise reduction is achieved through the use of precision balancers. This leads to operating comfort even under long working hours.
Price YANMAR L100V6 (Stage V Certified): €1695 + VAT @ 23% .
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EU Stage V Certified Engines

The EU Stage V standards to be introduced in Europe are one level stricter than existing standards, and will be implemented over 2019 and 2020 towards limiting the impact of emissions and preserving the environment for future generations.

Air-cooled diesel engines (3 models)

                                                                           Output Range                                                                Engine Model
                                                                        Less than 10 kW                                                        L48V, L70V, L100V

YANMAR L100V6 Diesel Engine (Stage V Certified)

Price: € 1687 + VAT @ 23% .
For information or to order - Call 051 427482